SHIELD MG3 Triple Density Adult Mouthguard, mint


article: mouthguard
protection: ****
color: light green
size: adult and youth
Packing: Blister Pack
manufacturer: Shield Sports
feature: 3 layer
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Three-stage Mouthguards are cast in three layers protective material. These mouthguards have an ergonomic outer layer, a soft inner coating and an additional shock absorbing incorporated spiral. The mouth guard offers maximum protection against injury to the teeth, jaws and gums. The increased absorption can prevent a concussion, which can be caused by trauma to the jaw!
Thus, the mouthguard is suitable for all sports in which increased violence occurs. Very popular with all full-contact martial arts.
Can be customized in 70 seconds.
For athletes 10 years and, if necessary, can be adjusted by cutting the rear ends of the mouth guard to small sizes.
Degree of Protection: ****
Color: light green