Punching bag / punching bag high-impact Kwell Fitboxe | black gray


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This boxing pole stands firmly on its foot (s) and absorbs all your kicks and punches without a fight. The ideal standing punching bag for training.

About this standing boxing pole Kwell:
high-impact punching bag for professional use and home training
unique Italian design
loose foot and punching bag
Ø 55 cm (base), 38 cm (impact and kick area)
adjustable height 180/210 cm
weight 15 kg (unfilled), recommended sand filling 35/80 kg
This Italian whopper will not disturb you
What a winner, this standing boxing pole from the Italian fitness brand Kwell. It effortlessly absorbs every hit or punch, and challenges you every time. That makes this “high-impact Fitboxe” ideal for training, at home or in the gym. Uppercuts, high-kicks, low-kicks, you can really go wild, because this standing punching bag does not shrink. In fact, this whopper only wants one thing: keep going! Do you accept the challenge?

Choose Kwell and:
Improve your martial arts performance with innovative home training fitness products.
Feel how the passion for fitness and design come together in top quality materials made in Italy.
Take advantage of designs that have made sports history – and continue to push boundaries.