PHOENIX focus pads PROFESSIONAL leather/Gel (pair)


article: hand pad
material: leather
color: black-white-red
Martial-Art: Boxing, Ju Jutsu, Kickboxing, other, Thaiboxing
manufacturer: PHOENIX
Feature: Jelly Shock Padding
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These PHOENIX focus pads for professionals are made of specially sorted robust cowhide leather and are hand sewn in a very robust way. The multilayer padding is very robust and with a special jelly inlay on the center of striking area. This leads to a very good absorption of kicking and striking forces.
The curved form is very effective, specially for practicing hook and jab techniques.
The gripping glove is specially designed for good comfort and fast grip. It has a special function inlay to allow your hand to “breathe”. The focus pad is always under control and you will reach optimal training effects.
sold as pairs, size ca. 27 x 20 x 6 cm