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An inner glove that protects children’s, women’s and men’s hands and knuckles and that you wrap around your wrists like a Mexican wrap-glove.

size S: for children or small women’s hands
size M: for ladies or small men’s hands
size L: for men’s hands

2 mm thick neoprene finished with a mesh layer (mesh)
6 mm thick extra heavy gel padding at the knuckles
1-2 meter long bandage with velcro closure

What a winner is this Mexican wrap inner glove! Not only does it keep your hands light in your (kick) boxing gloves, but it also protects you properly. For example with the extra heavy gel padding on the knuckles. Thanks to the long bandage that you wrap around your wrists and fasten with Velcro, you stabilize your wrists during every training and fight. Did we mention the enormous topper this inner glove is? Then we just say it again. What a winner!

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