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This inner glove from Starpro is an inner glove Mexican wrap-style so provided with a sturdy bandage that you wrap around your wrists for extra stabilization.

Useful facts:
neoprene lining and gel on knuckles and thumbs
10 mm thick gel padding
2 meter long bandage with velcro closure
hydraflow for extra ventilation
Wind around your wrists this Mexican wrap inner glove
Starpro knows how you additionally protect your hands and knuckles. And how you simultaneously burden your boxing gloves with your perspiring hands. Thanks to the gel padding around your knuckles and thumbs, these Mexican wrap inner gloves protect your hands, fingers and knuckles. The long bandage that you wrap around your wrists also offers you extra stabilization. On top of the protection and stability of your boxing gloves. The hydraflow application provides a pleasant ventilation so that your hands stay cooler and drier. The flexible neoprene and the wide velcro closure ensure a perfect fit.

Choose Starpro and:
Experience an optimal fit, protection and user-friendliness.
Benefit from top quality products at an affordable price.
Improve your techniques and work on the best version of yourself.

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