article: face mask
material: Baumwolle-Nano Silver-Polyester
manufacturer: PHOENIX
Feature: reusable, washable
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2 pack face mask NANO SILVER, white
reusable, washable approx. 30 times
Nano-Silver technology from Korea
Antimicrobial mouth-nose protection in 3-layer design
Isolates more than 650 types of bacteria and 260 types of harmful microbes and corresponds approximately to the FFP2 standard
This is not a professional medical mouthguard.
Pleasant fit, adapts well to all face shapes, antiviral, dustproof. Helps prevent droplet infections
Outer layer:
High density cotton fabric
Middle layer:
antiviral nano-silver fibers, which act as safety filters and eliminate microorganisms that get through the outer layer
Inner layer / skin contact layer:
The knitwear is light, airy and breathable. The concentration of the microorganisms on this layer is somewhat 100x lower than that of conventional tissue. This property is retained even after washing about 30 times.
Washable with hand wash and mild detergent in the temperature range from 40 ° to max. 60 ° C